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Newsvine updated.

January 7, 2006

NewsvineJust now, I have get the beta from Newsvine, a reading and writing social networks.

A little like Digg but it is more than that. If you join Newsvine, you can then earn by reading or writing. You can write an good article, then people read it, if they find it really good they will feed your article (i.e.give you a credit and recommend to others ), then the article gernerate traffics, thus make earnings from the ad. You will earn the 90% your article, and the reader who feed it will get the other 10%. Really cool, right?
Some (esp. Dickard) have criticisms on it for something though, such as lack of organization, spell checker, and get local, etc.
But, it attrat me more by the fresh feelings, the green background, the logo of the tree, and the clear design, etc. Really cool.